February 2021 Newsletter

What a year 2020 was for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic caused all sorts of changes to our way of life and how we interacted with each other. During this time, we have been busy expanding our scope of training…

Training to perform CPR on people with disabilities

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2020!

10735NAT – Course in Disability First Aid has been added to our scope

We are happy to advise we are now offering Disability First Aid training.

In an emergency situation the minutes before an ambulance arrive are vital. The standard first-aid course teaches valuable first aid techniques and skills but it does not cover many circumstances that are unique to people with disabilities. This course has been developed to address that need.

Disability First Aid was developed by Joel Robinson, the co-founder of Disability First Aid, who had spent years as an Ambulance Officer, Ambulance Trainer and First Aid Trainer. He had been constantly asked questions by students on how to adapt First Aid training techniques for people with disabilities. It became clear that there was a lack of techniques included in the accredited First Aid course.

In emergency situations the advice was simply to call an ambulance. Knowing that in many cases applying First Aid prior to an ambulance arriving can be the difference between life and death, Joel starting researching.

He sought advice from doctors, emergency hospital workers and disability organisations to create this course and it is now accredited with the Australian Government, Australian Skills Quality Authority.

Academy of Workplace Learning is extremely pleased to be able to work with Disability First Aid by offering this valuable training to the sector.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for anyone who may need to administer First Aid to a person with a disability. The course is highly recommended for:

  • People who have family members with a disability
  • People who work or volunteer in the disability industry
  • People and businesses who regularly come into contact with people with disabilities as part of their daily activities
  • Businesses and organisations who have employees with disabilities.
  • The Disability First Aid course is broken up into two components:

The first part is the theory component which is conducted online with an assessment prior to the second part.

The second part involves practical training which must be done on a face-to -face basis. A pre-requisite is that a student must have first completed the HLTAI003 Provide First Aid

Students will learn:

  • How to perform CPR on a person confined to a bed
  • How to respond appropriately in the event of regurgitation or vomiting during a resuscitation attempt
  • How to respond to seizures of casualty while seated in a wheelchair
  • How to respond in the event of choking and airway obstruction for casualties in wheelchairs or beds
  • How to treat bleeding or infected wounds for people with disabilities
  • Recognising, documenting and reporting warning signs of adverse behaviour, including suicidal behaviour and depression
  • Autonomic Dysreflexia is a syndrome which is not widely known in which there is a sudden onset of high blood pressure. It is more common in people with spinal cord injuries that involve the thoracic nerves of the spine (mid back) or above.

Course details can be found here

Please contact us on 1300 189 417 or email for further information about this course.